We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operation. This includes Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability. We implement these strategies in our business to providing and improving the quality of our service and products, as well as environmental, health and safety processes. We also believe in responsible beauty that respect the planet and the people who inhabit it.

Here are the ways we are working to do our part.

#1 Establish a valued and supported pharmacy workforce to improve patient care

Community pharmacists and their teams provide expertise in all aspects of medicines, health advice and prevention, tackling health inequalities, supporting long term conditions and educating the community how to stay healthy.

#2 Select effective ingredients of natural origin

Mother nature is packed full with amazing ingredients which are good for your skin. Our products are derived from natural/organic sources that respect your skin and the environment. Our products just like Gilda Cosmetic are packed with skin replenishing oil like sunflower oil, vegetable glycerine, rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil, butter skin smoothing shea butter and fruits extracts from bilberry, sugar cane, orange and lemon.

#3 Our Commitment: Complete Transparency

We try to get as close as possible to 100% natural. That’s why we allow to use of synthetic ingredients in a very small amount when they are good and necessary.

#4 No animal testing/ Cruelty-free

Protecting animals is important to us. Animal testing is extremely cruel. Cruelty free products are also eco-friendly like our Mt. Retour Organics and Savor Organics. This means that they contain less harsh and toxic ingredients and they are better for your health. Thus, saving the animals and your skin is always reach for cruelty-free.

#5 Save the Ocean

Our products do not contain microplastics. Microplastics are made from synthetic polymers that are usually found in toothpaste, facial scrub, facial or body wash. These microbeads have negative impact on marine life. Instead our Gilda Refining Peeling mask use microbeads from castor oil as exfoliant.

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