More often than not, there is a story behind a brand that is sold in the market. Most likely it will be due to certain individual experiencing some events in life that triggered the decision to innovate and improve on a product or a series of product.

Savor Organics origin is not so far off from those stories. Every brand in the market has their own unique properties. With that in mind, our founders do not want to be just another company that focuses on essential oil and natural skincare.

And yes, our founder did experience some events in life that triggered the decision to innovate, improve and formulate our own line of products. As a trained chemist and biologist, our founder’s passion is to continue researching and improving on our existing product line. Being in the industry during this fast paced 15 years has been a tremendous experience, this is especially true for the past 5 years.

With that in mind, our founder has been very particular and stringent on the quality of the products. Our raw materials are sourced responsibly from many countries and has been checked for quality assurance and consistency in Australia before being introduced to the market. Manufactured under stringent control and environment from a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory gives an added assurance to anyone using it. We hope that our users can experience the best nature can offer from the bottom of our heart.

From Australia with Love,

Savor Organics

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