Our Story


Vibrante Group of Companies is an umbrella company of ByRight Holdings which focuses on Health and Wellness. It has a humble beginning from an importer to a distributor following the establishment of Vibrante Enterprise (VE) in 2014 now known as Vibrante Trio PLT. The following year, Vibrante Essentials Sdn Bhd (VESB) was set-up to take over the job of distributorship of health and skincare products. Mt Retour Organics, Australia was one of the first product that was brought in by the company and currently the company hold brands like Gilda Cosmetics from Sweden; Purarose, Australia; Yohmo Tonic from Singapore and the latest edition Savor Organics a homegrown brand with its roots from Australia.

The founders of VE and VESB saw a need to distribute their own products not only to the existing market but having a retail outlet would boost the company’s revenue. In line with the company’s expansion plan, Vibrante Pro Sdn Bhd (VPSB) was established in 2016. Going by the trade name V Pro Pharmacy, it became a fast-growing pharmacy chain which aims to move towards natural and organic direction. A more holistic approach was taken to ensure the health of consumers by providing counselling services on natural supplementation and maintaining professionalism in handling the community it surrounds. As of year 2020, V Pro Pharmacy has 6 outlets where 4 outlets are located in Klang Valley and 2 outlets in Johor.

Being a company that believes that health is vibrant, the founders wanted to ensure the highest standards and quality products are delivered to their loyal customers, they have in turn formed Vibrante Biotech Sdn Bhd (VBSB), a company that is dedicated to research and development that aims to commercialise in-house developed products and/ or provide consultation on products development, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). VBSB is always on the look-out to collaborate with like-minded individuals, companies and organisations to fulfil their dreams.

With the addition of a premium skincare range, Gilda Cosmetics from Sweden; the company decided to invest in a beauty salon. Vibrante Skinology Sdn Bhd (VSSB) was formed in 2019 to ensure our clients provided with professional facial and wellness treatments. Going by the name V Skinology, clients are able to immerse themselves with our salon’s hospitality and treatments using premium skincare products.

In January 2020, Vibrante Group of Companies CEO came out with the tagline “Revive wellness. Vibrant life.” This tagline was adopted to remind us on our company’s Vision and Mission.