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Gilda skincare line was founded by Gilda Liljeblad 1988 in Gothenburg with a focus on results and active ingredients. Gilda use high concentrations of powerful ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy in synergistic, innovative delivery systems to effectively treat various skin types and conditions. Gilda Liljeblad’s recipe for skin care that really works is mainly based on three scientific bones: AHA acids, vitamin A and microencapsulation. Two particularly active ingredients and a unique technology that keeps all ingredients fresh and maximally effective all the way to your skin. You can expect a younger and more beautiful appearance with improvements of acne, wrinkles, large pores and hyperpigmentation.

Gilda cosmetic products

Gilda is the new generation of skincare with active skincare products that effectively affects the skin’s structure and balance. We work with a unique micro-encapsulation system that preserves the vitamins fresh by isolating them in capsules. This technologically advanced solution protects active ingredients, such as vitamins A and E, as well as sea buckthorn oil, so that their rejuvenating and revitalizing properties are preserved until they are applied to the skin. Tests show that as much as 95-97% of the fresh, active vitamins end up directly on the skin when applied. The microcapsules keep the vitamins fresh and preserve their positive effects for a long time, through isolation and protection from harmful changes in light, temperature, pH, oxidation and interaction with other ingredients.


The products are under continuous development and are based on the latest research findings. This is done in collaboration with leading chemists with cosmetic chemistry and manufacturing of skincare. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we make sure to always be in the frontline with our products. The products are sold in beauty salons where beauticians tailor a treatment program and guide you to the right products for your skin’s specific needs.

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Environment Policy

Environment considerations are a natural part of everyday life at Gilda Cosmetic. The ingredients in our skincare products consist of a mix of pure ingredients and a very small amount of synthetic ingredients. 90-100% of the raw materials are taken from nature. We give priority to organic and natural ingredients. We use organic rapeseed oil from certified growers, vegetable oils from sunflower, jojoba, sea buckthorn and squalane (olive), as well as essential oils of lavender and orange. We also use AHA acids based on extracts from organic blueberries, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon.

It happens that we use synthetic ingredients to ensure high product quality as this always comes first. This may apply, for example preservatives that can be found in a product in order to ensure sustainability. In these cases, we use only ingredients that are proven good and safe and then always added in such small doses as possible. We do not test our products on animals.


As part of our environmental work, we have also chosen to work with a producer who takes great consideration for the environment, both in production and development of products. As part of this, the company is certified according to ISO 14001. This certification means that they continuously improve and develops its environmental management system in terms of the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and to conserve resources such as water, energy and recyclable during production. We also take into account the type of packaging we use and how the products are transported, etc. we give you an opportunity to make a natural choice, while providing products that deliver results.

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